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How to Care for Sphynx Cats?

Jan 04,2022 | Maume

Feed your Sphynx cat often. The Sphynx cat lacks the insulating fur of other cat breeds, and therefore loses body heat more easily. The breed has a very high metabolism, which means your Sphynx cat needs to eat more than another cat might. You should always have dry food down for your cat to eat if you feed your cat dry food. If you feed your cat canned food, feed him three times a day or as needed to keep him satisfied.
If feeding your cat wet, canned food, try for an average of eight to 12 ounces of food per day.
You do not want your cat to be overweight, but your Sphynx cat should never be bony. If his weight decreases, or his ribs become more obvious, then increase the ration by five to 10%. Reweigh him again a week later to check the weight loss has been arrested.
Alternatively, look for a food that is marketed for active cats, or look for a breed-specific food made for Sphynx cats. These tend to be higher calorie than the equivalent amount of regular food.
Feed your Sphynx cat a good quality, protein rich food. Meat should be listed first and second on the pet food label. Avoid foods where a large percentage is cereal based.
Set up a litter box. You should provide your cat with a large litter box. It should be placed in a quiet, out of the way spot. Check with the breeder to see which cat litter he used to provide consistency for your cat.
Provide scratch posts. These provide an outlet for the cat's natural desire to scratch. Place several posts in your home, near entrance and exits, and next to the cat's bed.
Keep your Sphynx cat warm. Because of the small amount of hair, the Sphynx cat needs to be kept warm. Usually, keeping the cat in your home at room temperature is enough. Sphynx cats also often lie in sunlight shining through windows or sit near objects that give off heat. Your Sphynx may want to cuddle with you often to be near your body heat. He may also want to sleep beneath your comforter at night.
Provide access to blankets that your cat can lay on or under.
During the winter you may need to place your Sphynx cat in sweaters.
Protect your cat from sun exposure. Because the Sphynx cat’s skin is exposed, you need to protect it from the sun. A limited amount of sun is fine, but too much can give your cat sunburn.
Use UV blocking shirts or hats on your cat.
You may want to install sun-blocking screens on your windows to make sure your cat doesn’t lie in a sunny spot and get sunburnt.


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