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One step to protect your cat’s health

Mar 16,2022 | Maume

It is really necessary for cats to clean their teeth. As long as the cat eats, there will be food residue. Neglecting your cat's oral health for a long period of time can do a lot of harm to your cat.

Photo by Serena Koi

1. Dental calculus  
Young cats will develop serious dental stones if their teeth are not cleaned. Dental stones, similar to solidified tartar, is a calcium carbonate structure that coats a cat’s teeth. In particular, cats who prefer to eat with their molars are more likely to suffer from dental stones. For a long time, tooth stones can cause gum atrophy, root exposure, dissolution of alveolar bone, and some inflammation.  
Cats are born with an amazing natural ability to tolerate pain, so toothache seem not obvious, but that doesn't mean cats don't feel pain! When cats suffer from oral disease, their teeth will hurt so much that they can't eat, and they will drool and have no way to clean themselves.  Especially every time cat eat or lick their hair, it will be accompanied by pain in the mouth, which affects the cat's eating and hair grooming. As a result, the cat has problems such as loss of appetite, messy hair, and dull hair color. Over time, it will also cause cats to be mentally unhealthy. 
2.Damage to cat’s internal organs and heart: When your cat's gums become inflamed, the bacteria will invade the bloodstream, causing damage to cat’s internal organs and heart.  Moreover, many treatment methods for oral diseases will cause a great burden on the liver and kidney of cats, which may greatly reduce the quality of life and life span of cats. If you find that your cat is losing appetite and drooling, it is likely to be suffering from oral disease and needs to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Adult cats should have their teeth cleaned at least once a year and should also pay attention to their oral hygiene.  

Cats chewing on hard objects can increase friction and remove some of the residue. Maume's MBALL, for example, is a great cat chew toy. The surface has a number of convex design, to help clean the cat teeth. The whole sphere can be detachable and has multiple air holes on its surface.  The MBALL uses durable food-grade silicone, which is easy to clean and resistant to deformation.  
More important, the MBALL's sphere can also be filled with catnip, which emits an alluring fragrance that not only attracts cats, but also helps them clean their teeth. 


1.If the cat has bad breath for a long time and it is very serious, go to the pet hospital to clean the teeth to remove all the stones and eliminate inflammation, the usual daily care is no use, and may even need half or full tooth extraction. Special care should be taken in the first three months to six months after stone removal.  
2.For cats, the function of teeth is not as important as that of dogs, and even a cat with a full tooth extraction can eat normally. Therefore, for cats with serious oral diseases that require tooth extraction, parents do not have to worry about eating after tooth extraction. Chronic oral pain is more likely to affect a cat's appetite than tooth extraction.


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