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Why is It Important to Lose Weight for Cats?

Mar 30,2022 | Maume

At least 25 percent of cats are considered obese or at risk of becoming more obese, the most common nutrition-related health condition in pets. Most cat owners don't know their cat is overweight at first until they take the cat to the veterinarian for another reason, only to be told that the cat is obese. Although obesity does not directly kill a cat, it is like a chronic poison that can slowly kill a cat.

1. Why are cats obese?

1.1 Sterilization

After the cat is neutered, the food intake often increases, and the removal of the reproductive system reduces the body's basal metabolic level, resulting in excessive calorie intake, which leads to obesity. Several studies have shown that neutering is an important factor in cat obesity.

1.2 Living environment

Nowadays, most cats live indoors, and exercise is often insufficient, which is also a factor that causes obesity.

1.3 The environment of many cats

A family with many cats is also a factor in the development of obesity. Cats may eat too quickly and too much in order to compete for food.

1.4 Incorrect feeding method

In the natural environment, cats are typical representatives of eating less and more meals. They often eat more than 10 times a day, which means they have to catch prey more than ten times a day. Domestic cats mostly use ad libitum feeding methods, which means that cats can get food anytime and anywhere without exercising. A study has shown that some cats can control their own feed intake and maintain their weight under the condition of ad libitum; some cats will continue to gain weight.

1.5 Diseases

Some diseases can lead to increased food intake or decreased activity, which can lead to obesity. Arthropathy in cats, for example, can lead to reduced activity.


2. How to judge cat obesity?

BCS(body condition score) evaluates body fat. Taking the 5-point dimension as an example, the ideal BCS score is 2.5-3 points. Some studies have shown that the risk of obesity-related diseases increases significantly when the BCS score exceeds 6 points.


3. Overweight cats can cause many health problems.

Cats of the same breed and under the same living environment, obese cats are much shorter than cats of standard weight. For cats, obesity is the root cause of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, joint disease, urinary system disease and so on.

Overweight cats are easily tired. A little exercise will make them out of breath, which will cause them to be more reluctant to move. At the same time, they will gradually lose their vitality, become more and more lazy, and even lazy to interact with you.


4. How to losetheirweight?

4.1 Control the diet

Controlling the cat's diet is not to substantially deduct the cat's ration, but to gradually reduce it. Reduce the feeding of foods with higher fat content, and at the same time, you can feed cat food with weight loss function, and if necessary, you can reduce the daily feeding amount.

4.2 More exercise

Play with the cat every day, increase the time and frequency of exercise and create a play space for the cat, so that the cat can move up and down indoors, so as to increase the consumption of cat fat and achieve the purpose of losing weight. If you are busy at work and can't play with your cat at home, you can buy Maume’s snake toy. If you enjoy playing with your cat, try our Mball.



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